VisualVet Prototype Released to Pilot Clients March 24, 2013

In less than a year, Visual Vitals—VisualVet has released its first working prototype to our pilot clients for pre-alpha testing and development feedback. As its name alludes to, VisualVet provides an innovative way of reviewing patient information. The idea is simple — when patients/owners are informed about and involved in the care of their animals, there is an increase in positive outcomes thus reducing cost and increasing client retention.

A recent study revealed that 43% of pet owners feel their vet failed to communicate in a manner they understood. VisualVet is the bridge to better communication. Providing pamphlets or patient education literature is not a new concept — the idea of creating one-off custom reports, however, which incorporate a clear and concise message on what the results mean, what the patient can do to increase healthy outcomes, while reducing the issues on communications, is a new concept.

“The release of the prototype to our pilot group signifies a big jump forward for veterinary medicine,” remarked Mark Horn, CTO of Visual Vitals. “We are really at the forefront of some possible practice-changing processes that now give patient owners the chance to actively understand and participate in the care of their family pets.”

Visual Vitals—VisualVet is planning to release their software to beta testers in the next 9 to 12 months.

Visual Vitals accepted into University of Central Florida Incubator Program March 24, 2013

Visual Vitals awarded with the opportunity to develop its advanced practice management software as part of central Florida premier university-driven community partnership with the University of Central Florida (UCF Incubator Program).

Since its founding in October 1999, the UCF Business Incubation Program (UCFBIP) has helped more than 300 emerging companies (including over 130 current clients) create over $500 million in annual revenue and more than 1600 new jobs.

Visual Vitals is excited to have the opportunity to join this dynamic program and to take part in all that it has to offer in building VisualVet into a world-class software development company. “It's all about contacts, access to the right people, research and the advice of the second largest University in the USA — these plus a smart new idea are the keys to making VisualVet a successful startup business,” said Erik Paul, Visual Vitals CEO.

With this kind of leg-up, Visual Vitals hopes to be part of the economic solution to recovery by creating jobs in the Central Florida marketplace and advancing a proud tradition of small business startups in the USA.

Visual Vitals management team includes Erik Paul, who has over 10 years of experience in the implementation, training and management of large scale electronic medical record systems as well as experience with previous entrepreneurial startups, and Mark Horn, a software design innovator with more than ten years of experience in designing solutions for companies of all sizes who has extensive experience in enterprise-level software development, information architecture, and user experience design.

Erik, Mark and the team are projected to have a working prototype in the next year.